Manufactured with pride in Eugene, Oregon, the CrewBoss Drip Torch empowers you to manage wildfires and conduct controlled burns with precision and safety.

This heavy-duty drip torch features:

  • Durable canister: Built to withstand demanding field conditions.
  • Safety first design: Meets OSHA regulations (29 CFR 1910.114) and includes features like a flame arrestor spout and a breather valve for safe fuel management.
  • Easy control: Adjustable wick allows for targeted fire application.
  • Convenient storage: Secure the spout and wick upside down for safe transport and storage.

        The CrewBoss Drip Torch is built to rigorous standards, including:

        • DOT regulations for transport of flammable fuel UN #3BI-Y-100
        • Forest Service Specification 5100-614

        Don't settle for less when it comes to fire control. Choose the CrewBoss Drip Torch for reliable performance and unwavering safety.

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